Race for the customer of the future.

The “new normal” since 2020 has turned organisational structures and mindsets upside down in many companies. Digital workplaces and remote working as well as collaboration suddenly had to function across the board and are now standard. Strategy projects were paused, events were cancelled – this affected marketing and sales in particular, which now had to resort to digital ways of acquiring new customers.

However, this also opened up new opportunities: the latest technologies, high reach through different channels, customer centricity and comprehensive measurability of KPIs. The digital transformation of marketing and sales is in full swing, but requires a few factors to be truly successful in the long term.

On this page you will learn everything you need to know for the successful path of your digital marketing transformation:

Journey to Digital Marketing Transformation.

Based on many years of travel experience and over 350 successful marketing transformation projects, we can create a clear and individual roadmap for your digital marketing.

1. Strategy:
Quantity structures & business planning, marketing strategy
12 months, competitor analysis

2. Go to market concept:
Focus products / solutions, target groups / verticals, value proposition, offering, buyer personas, storylines & messaging.

3. Creative concept:
Storylines, Targeted messaging, Visuals, Content marketing.

4. Processes:
Lead Management, Marketing Organisation, Customer Journey, Content Marketing

5. Campaigns:
Campaign definition, GTM related content, KPI definition & tracking, formats & touchpoints, content planning > 6 months.

6. Technology
CRM, Marketing Automation, CMS, Social Media

7. Run / Operations
Operational implementation of campaigns, creation of content assets (whitepapers, eBooks, checklists, infographics, etc.), monitoring & reporting, process optimisation, regular comparison with goals.

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