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Our technology expertise in top marketing automation systems

The right marketing automation system for you – more than just a technical implementation.

Have you thought about the following things?

  • How is the current marketing and sales organization structured?
  • How is sales integrated into the marketing strategy?
  • What does the current lead process look like?
  • What digital marketing activities are in place?
  • Are there concepts for buyer personas & customer journeys?

Setup & Configuation

Exemplary procedure: Setup & Configuration Marketing Automation Tool

1. Status quo
  • Existing campaigns and lead processes
  • Existing tools (e.g. CRM)

Goal: Selection of a suitable marketing automation tool

2. Campaign concept

Development of a marketing automation concept as a basis for the technical setup.

Depending on project progress, strategic consulting on

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Content Marketing
3. Onboarding employees
  • Training of users MAT with the aim “Run your own campaigns”.
  • Basic / Advanced Training
4. Ongoing support
  • Cloudbridge as sparring partner and contact person for the team in all technical and content-related questions
  • Execution Services(Content, SEO/SEA, Social Selling and many more)
Setup Marketing Automation Tool
I Basis Setup of Marketing Automation tool
  • Current Marketing-App
  • E-Mail-Marketing
II Advanced Setup


  • Automated Pilot Campaign(s)
  • Lead Management processes

Our partnerships

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is the marketing automation technology that fits into your Dynamics world – without interfaces and system breaks, but with functionalities such as email marketing, trigger-based campaigns, lead generation through website forms and much more.

→ Request a Dynamics 365 Marketing presentation now to help you decide.

In addition to classic marketing automation functions, HubSpot can also be used as a content management system, offers its own CRM and service module, and thus maps the entire customer journey. It is therefore attractive for small and medium-sized companies as an all-in-one solution. However, HubSpot also offers many interfaces to common CRM systems and has recently become multi-client capable. Users appreciate the intuitive usability.

Do you need support implementing a new system or would you like to optimize how you work with your current system?

→ Request a presentation on HubSpot now to help you decide.

The Evalanche marketing tool offers outstanding functions in the design of e-mailings and landing pages and has been expanded to include lead management and campaign automation. Many users also appreciate the TÜV certification and data storage exclusively in Germany.

Do you need support implementing a new system or would you like to optimize how you work with your current system?

→ Request a presentation on Evalanche now to help you make your decision.


If you are already using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales or want to combine the implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales with the implementation of a marketing automation software, you should take a look at ClickDimensions. This tool integrates directly with their Dynamics to provide an end-to-end user experience.

Need help implementing a new system or want to optimize how you work with your current system?

With the native, highly integratable Agillic Customer Marketing Platform, marketers can automate digital interactions and campaigns and deliver hyper-personalized information and offers along the individual customer journey at a highly scalable level. They provide their target groups with an optimal experience in every channel, acquire new customers, increase up- and cross-selling and reduce customer churn dramatically and always demonstrably.

Agillic is one of the leading software providers in Scandinavia.

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