Why creative concepts are part of marketing transformation.

Why creative concepts are part of marketing transformation.

Why creative concepts are part of marketing transformation. 1920 1322 Nicolas Wandschneider
Not umami again: Why creative concepts, round corners and soft edges are part of every marketing transformation.

We are world champions. We are world champions in baking buns. From one kilo of flour, a little yeast and water, we conjure up small, large, round, square, soft, hard, round, long and who knows everything else for a variety of baked goods. Three ingredients, dozens of presentation forms. Not everything tastes good to everyone, but at least no one goes empty-handed.

The dictionary understands creativity as the “creative power” or the special “creative ability”. As far as bread is concerned, we can state: Hardly any country is more creative than we are when it comes to constantly offering new products to different target groups. Unfortunately, this does not (or only very rarely) apply to IT marketing.

Creative or not, it’s about matching supply and demand.

Creation – the flavor of our offering – makes the difference. Even if the formats have changed in recent years, it remains the same: Technically speaking, it’s still all about the big four: A – Attention, I – Interest, D – Desire and A – Action. AIDA. Attracting attention, arousing interest, presenting convincing arguments and ultimately triggering an impulse for action via one or more campaign stages. The target group-specific preparation of our offer – storytelling – is the link between the dry analysis of the target group and the creative shaping of the marketing message. As simple as this connection sounds – often this is exactly where the problems start. How do I tell my customers? Not just once, but again and again?

Team im kreativen Brainstorming.

Creativity arouses curiosity.

Part of creation is storytelling. Whether playful, scientific, concrete or metaphorical – the design of the storyline with creative means determines the hit rate with the target group. The more precisely the needs on the supply side are determined, the more targeted we can be in the storytelling – can respond concretely to the AIDA needs. This applies to individual postings in professional business networks as well as to long-term campaigns that build on each other. The arguments of our story are based on the motivations of our target group.

Remember: good creative requires good analysis, based on a robust marketing strategy that is aligned with the long-term goals of the organization. It’s like bread. Flour, yeast and water alone are dusty, furry and elusive. Only together can you get your fill of it.

Creation makes the difference.

You can’t sum up the task of creation more aptly than the unsurpassed Antoine de Saint-Exupery did: “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up men to procure wood, assign tasks and divide up the work, but teach men to long for the vast, endless sea.”

In other words: Often too much attention to detail stands in the way of a simple, clear message. Or as the saying goes, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” The task of creation is to inspire the (desired) customer for the forest. To pick him up in his daily business and slowly but surely lead him to our offer.

Brainstorming im Team mit Glühbirne

Why creative concept and marketing transformation (absolutely) belong together.

The term transformation actually says it all. It’s about change. It’s about a modern, purposeful Why, What, How and What’s in it for me? The creative achievement is to bring the relevant topics to the point in words and images, to stage them in such a way that our target group cannot resist engaging with the content.

Of course – we are not in the beautiful world of the liberal arts – the effect our creativity has must be measurable. That’s why creation is not an end in itself. It serves the marketing KPIs that we have defined as measures of the success of our marketing strategy. It is the conqueror of sales and stands at the beginning of structured lead management.

Mediocrity is neither a means nor a measure!

Be honest with yourself. “We are your partner for xyz” has not been sufficient as a differentiation for a long time. The time of our target group is short, the offer – the competition – is manifold. If you want to keep interested parties in line, you have to captivate them, surprise them again and again, inspire them.

This is exactly what marketing is all about. If you always offer the same “old rolls,” you won’t find a new audience in the long run. Creativity is more than just the salt in the soup – it is the main flavor carrier. It doesn’t always have to be umami – surprise your demanding audience with sweet and sour or salty and fresh content. They will thank you for it!

Creative content and marketing transformation absolutely belong together, because you not only need to reach your ideal customers, you need to captivate and inspire them. But finding the right content and developing exciting storytelling for your offer is difficult for you and you don’t feel creative enough? That doesn’t have to be the case – our marketing practice guide shows you methods to get creative and presents a framework to move from creative ideas to storytelling. Get the practice guide now! (German)