Digital Talent Recruitment Marketing for your company

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– Workforce of the Future Programm

Impact. Talents.

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Impact. Talents. Is a talent recruitment marketing program developed by Cloudbridge. Combining consulting, design and implementation, we make companies ready for digital talent acquisition. Partnership-based. Results-driven. Sustainable.


Shortage of skilled workers


  • Lack of positioning of the employer brand with new topics, such as AI, cloud and infrastructure.
  • Lack of awareness among the relevant target group
  • Too low interaction at the appropriate touchpoints


Strategy & Roadmap


  • What is the status of my company’s employer positioning?
  • What does our employer brand look like and how are we perceived as an employer on the market?
  • Which talent targets (profiles) do we focus on?


Recruitment Marketing


  • Impact.Talents – program for the structured elaboration and development of Recruitment Marketing
  • Strategy, roadmap, creative structured approaches, operationalization of the developed packages
  • Combination of workshops, concept and first recruitment campaigns with very high practical relevance

Talent Marketing Programm

Four steps to successful talent recruitment marketing

1. Ramp-Up Strategy & Concept
  • Development of target image
  • Employer Branding Analysis & Target Definition
  • Employer positioning & differentiation
  • Definition of talent targets (skills, profile & culture/team fit)
  • Go-to-Talent concept
  • Development of Talent
    marketing playbook
2. Talent Journey & Recruitment Marketing Content
  • Talent Engagement Journey
  • Dovetailing online and offline recruitment marketing
  • Website/landing page conception
  • Processes & Organization
  • Campaign, media and content planning
  • Content Production / Briefing
3. Recruitment Marketing Automation Configuration
  • Support Marketing Automation Software Selection /
  • Marketing Automation as a service
  • Setup Software & Basic Configuration
  • Setup of the Talent Journeys
  • Support for the setup of awareness measures (social media, website/landing pages)
  • Team Onboarding
4. Talent Awareness & Digital Recruitment Management
  • Campaign Go-Live
  • Campaign management and optimization
  • Optimization of contact points (Talent Engagement Touchpoints)
  • Team Coaching & Sparring
Ramp-Up Strategy & Concept
What happens in the ramp-up phase?

With the Ramp-Up Phase we start the development of Talent Recruitment Marketing in your company. The first step is a kickoff workshop with you. In this workshop, we jointly develop a target image for your employer brand and define fields of action and work packages for its development. The results are provided in the form of a playbook, which also serves as a description for the development of the employer brand.

In addition, we work with you to develop an initial social campaign for a talent persona of your choice, thus giving a starting signal for modern & targeted recruitment marketing.

From workshop to finished playbook within 2 weeks.

Successful employer brands

Through Impact. Talents. successfully built employer brands.

Get started now with Recruitment Marketing.