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Impact. Customers.

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Impact. Customers. Is a digital marketing framework developed by Cloudbridge. With the combination of consulting, conception and implementation, we make companies ready for digital lead generation. Results-oriented. Sustainable.


Challenges in B2B Marketing & Sales today


  • Changed information and buying behavior
  • High competitive & differentiation pressure
  • Less visibility and awareness online
  • Hardly any collaboration between marketing and sales
  • Lack of measurability & transparency on the efficiency of marketing activities
  • Many data silos
  • Uncoordinated & inefficient pre-qualification & follow-up of leads
  • Many data silos
  • Uncoordinated & inefficient pre-qualification & follow-up of leads


Strategy & Roadmap


  • What are the trends in our focused industry?
  • What are the challenges and pain points of industry and market participants?
  • What is our value proposition to the market and how do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors?
  • Which target customers do we focus on?
  • With which content and via which channels do we optimally reach our target group?


Digital Marketing


  • Impact. Customers. – Program for the structured development and establishment of digital marketing and successful lead generation.
  • Strategy, roadmap, creative structured approaches, operationalization of the developed packages
  • Combination of workshops, concept and first inbound marketing campaigns with very high practical relevance

Modern Digital Marketing

Four steps to successful lead generation.

1. Strategy & conception

What do we want to achieve, when and how with whom?

  • Marketing / sales analysis
  • Go-to-market setup / further development based on
  • Cloudbridge framework
  • Basic conception of marketing processes
  • Customer journey & content journey
  • Expansion of marketing plan for the next 6 months
2. Content & Campaigns

Target group-specific content production.

  • Media Asset Plan
  • Content Screening
  • Content Briefing
  • Content production according to price list
3. Technologies & Automation

Set-Up & Konfiguration der MAT Tools oder Managed Service.

  • Marketing Automation as a Service (Managed Service) or implementation of a Marketing Automation solution
  • Configuration of marketing activities (customer journeys)
  • Trainings
4. Marketing & Operations

Campaign roll-out, performance review & sales alignment.

  • Setup awareness measures
  • Social media optimization
  • Campaign management
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Continuous team coaching
  • Process optimization
  • Operational support of the team
Ramp-Up Strategy & Concept
What happens in the ramp-up phase?
  • 360° Degree Interview
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Marketing & Sales Analysis
  • Product-Market-Fit
  • GTM & Portfolio Workshops
  • Development of marketing and sales playbook for successful lead generation

From workshop to finished playbook within 2 weeks.

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