Trend survey in digital B2B marketing – results online!

Trend survey in digital B2B marketing – results online!

Trend survey in digital B2B marketing – results online! 1200 630 Melanie Krug
Marketing Automation Report 2021 – an analysis by Cloudbridge Consulting.

The transformation of marketing and sales into the digital world is becoming a question of survival for many companies following the Corona pandemic. This is the key finding of our latest trend survey. According to the survey, it is essential to make better use of digital channels and to automate marketing processes even more effectively. The digital transformation accelerated by the Corona pandemic will also have an even greater impact on marketing. According to the findings, the Corona crisis and the trend toward digitization it has fostered will lead to a veritable race to catch up among companies to digitize marketing processes and thus make them more effective. For the fourth time in a row, Cloudbridge Consulting is shedding light on the current trends and technological developments surrounding the topics of modern marketing and marketing automation in German B2B companies.

The results of this survey were summarized in the Marketing Automation Report 2021: You will gain valuable insights into current challenges and topics of German B2B companies in digital marketing and benefit from the experiences of other companies in this environment as well as from our expertise through diverse consulting projects.


  • Top trend topics in marketing & sales
  • Current challenges & the most successful solutions
  • Current developments in digital marketing
    • Priorities – Which topics are B2B companies currently focusing on?
    • Lead management – How do marketing & sales teams work together?
    • AI – Relevant or an unnecessary pastime?
    • Data Driven Marketing – Are the teams ready to go?
  • Marketing Automation – Technologies, Goals & KPIs.
  • What makes for success – insights and deductions.

About the methodology
The data for the trend survey was collected online over a period of six weeks in March and April 2021. The sample comprises 95 questionnaires. Only specialists and decision-makers from marketing, sales, CRM and IT in German B2B companies were surveyed. The participants were located at different hierarchical levels.

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