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Marketing Automation

The aim of many companies is an increase of revenue. Therefore, it is crucial to have prospective buyers on company´s touchpoints. These prospective buyers are converted into leads by voluntarily providing their personal information to the marketing department. The company can now provide the leads with customized information. The leads are handed over to the sales department once they reach a pre-determined sales maturity score. The overarching goal of marketing automation is to transform prospective buyers into high-value long-term customers.

The automatization of marketing processes bears numerous benefits:

  • Significant reduction in marketing efforts
  • Increase of revenue due to better leads
  • Analytical reports bearing valuable insights
  • Enabling of programmatic marketing
  • More effective campaigns through high-performance data processing
  • The opportunity to communicate consistently throughout several channels in order to create a persistent image
  • A substantial increase in efficiency
  • The retention of contacts

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