Account & Vertical Based Marketing

Account & Vertical Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing implies the marketing and sales activities which are targeted towards specific customers.

In an ABM campaign, every single potential or existing target account is addressed individually.

The Cloudbridge Team has well-grounded experience. Especially, when It comes to buying centers in large companies.

We analyze the targeted companies carefully in order to provide a solid basis for sales talks and the successful marketing of solutions.

This entails the answer to the following questions:

  • How are the companies structured?
  • How are they organized?
  • What are their recent issues and pain points?
  • What are their strategic pillars?
  • In which areas do the companies invest in?
  • What are the buying centers, who are the decision-makers and how should a dialogue be started?

Our ABM projects are based on a 7-step model:

  • Selection of target companies
  • Definition of targeted results
  • Analysis of the chosen companies as well as the editing of the executive presentation
  • Presentation of the content and the matching of marketing and sales
  • Creation of goal-oriented and company-specific content
  • Development of dedicated marketing activities and selection of communication channels and tactics
  • Ongoing support of marketing and sales campaigns, performance measurement and corrective actions in campaigns, content and tactical activities.

We have developed and executed ABM campaigns for various target companies such as:


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